5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU

Our homes should be a place of comfort…a place where we can relax and just be ourselves.  A home doesn’t have to be perfect {after all, whose house is?} and it doesn’t have to be decorated to the nines…it just has to feel like YOU in order to be comfortable.  And it’s possible to appreciate a space and think it’s beautiful, but still not feel comfortable in it.  It’s sort of like clothes shopping with a friend who brings you something different from you normally wear to try on.  It might look great on you, but if it doesn’t “feel” like you, then it just isn’t right!  Or like a gorgeous room in a hotel that you love during your visit, but wouldn’t want to call home.

Home Quote 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU


I recently posted a question on Facebook and I found the responses so interesting.  I asked which of the rooms below people like the best.  Now let’s face it, all four of the rooms are beautiful in their own right, but most people had a clear response as to which was their favorite because one felt better than the others to them.

TIDBITS TWINE Bedroom Options 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU

{Sources clockwise top left: Pinterest, Pinterest, Veranda, Restoration Hardware}


Recreating looks from catalogs and window displays is a sure way to create a beautiful room, but for most, a recreated store display won’t create a comfortable place to live.  So how can you make sure that the space you are decorating is really YOU?

TIDBITS TWINE 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly You 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU




1. Have a Plan but Be Flexible

Most people can’t decorate a room from start to finish all at once.  For most of us, we have to budget for each piece, wait for sales and bargains, and slowly pull a room together over time.  The downside, of course, is that as time passes, it’s easy to get off track if you don’t have a plan to start with!  Creating a plan will help keep your goals in mind and isn’t hard to put together.  Click {here} to read how to create a plan in 4 easy steps!

TidbitsTwine Gallery Wall 3b AFTER 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU

{It took me months to collect all of the elements for my gallery wall, but I had a plan from the very beginning that helped me know what to shop for}


One thing to keep in mind, often when you shop on a budget, you have to make some concessions in order to get an item as a price you can afford.  Since you may not be able to get exactly what you want, you have to be a bit flexible in order to accommodate things that fit within your budget or things that you fall in love with along that way that weren’t a part of the original plan.  Never be so rigid with your plan that you can’t adapt it to reality when you try to execute it.  For more tips on splurging versus saving, read {here}.


2. Browse, Search, Shop and Look

It’s important to know what you like and one of the easiest ways to find it, it to look at what others have done!  There are so many great resources for design and decorating and you should take advantage of them.  Not only will looking at other rooms help you find things that you like, it will also give you an indication as to what you don’t like.  To me, knowing what you don’t like is just as important as knowing what you do because it keeps you from heading down a path you will later regret.  Take the time to look at what others have done to give you inspiration, and be sure to save, bookmark, or cut out your favorites so that you have them handy at all times.

Want to see what inspires me?  Follow me on Pinterest to see what ideas I’ve filed away for later use… :)


3. Surround Yourself with Things You Love

The easiest way to feel comfortable in your own home is to love everything in it!  But believe it or not, this is easier said than done.  Sometimes, we make compromises because of price or our partner’s tastes, sometimes we buy things in a hurry and just get what’s available, sometimes we make purchase decisions without thinking them through.  All of these scenarios affect our purchase decisions and before you know it, we can have a room full of things that we think are okay but not great.  While it might take more time and research, try to only buy things you truly love…things that speak to you or are meaningful to you in some way.

Items that you LOVE are items that represent YOU and are therefore, always a good investment.

TIDBITS TWINE Master Bedroom 5 2014 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU


4. Know Your Boundaries {and Then Push Them}

Testing our boundaries and trying new things is the only way that we can change.  And let’s face it, we change and grow as human beings everyday based on life experiences, so in order for our homes to continue to feel like us, they will adapt and change as well.  So in order for our homes to change, our boundaries will need to change over time.  But there’s a difference between expanding your boundaries and crossing them and when people step outside of their comfort zone, they often regret it.  For example, maybe you’ve always had a neutral home but really want to add some color, so you decide to take a big step and paint an entire room red!  There are a few who will be comfortable with such a dramatic change, but for most, they regret taking such a big step and the room never really “feels” right after that.  It’s important to know your decorating boundaries, but don’t be afraid to push them just a little bit.  A small, gradual change often feels more comfortable than a giant one, so take baby steps to ensure you don’t push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

TIDBITS TWINE Lorraine Chair 2 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU


5. Personalize

No space will ever feel like you if it isn’t personalized.  Whether it’s family photos, kids drawings, family heirlooms, kids clay projects or childhood mementos, be sure to include personal elements that conjure up good memories and help you create new ones together as a family.

TIDBITS TWINE Guest Bedroom Photo Holder 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU

{My silver baby cup sits next to photos of my kids in a bookcase display}

Home Story 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU



Living in a space that just feels “right” and reflects YOU is always the most rewarding place to be.  So take the time to know your likes, dislikes, goals and needs.  After all, there’s no place like home!
Signature 5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU




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Interior Doors: From Drab to Dramatic!

We see them every day.  We pass through them every day.  But how much thought do we actually give to our interior doors?

When I go to sleep at night, I don’t count sheep, think about my day, or imagine myself running through a field of wildflowers as I drift off into slumber.  No, I redecorate and redeisgn my house room by room.  I have a mental list that is at least 100 items long in my head of projects I’d love to do in my home (ssshhhhhh…don’t tell Hubby!).  Unfortunately, thinking about them and actually doing them are two completely different things.  And while I know that most of them will never come to fruition, I still can’t keep myself from envisioning all sorts of changes.  My latest obsession?  A vintage office door for my laundry room.


My laundry room isn’t exactly a room at all – it’s more of a pass through to the garage.  It’s tucked out of the way and no one really ever sees the door except me and yet, I think it’s the perfect spot to do something a little different.  Something more interesting than our current builder grade hollow core doors.  I envision something like this one from Dream Book Design.  Adri and Jeremy not only have a tutorial for how to hang the door, but also how to frost it and hang the vinyl decal.


Most homes are built with ordinary, nothing special doors.  But have you ever noticed that some doors are so unexpected or architecturally interesting that then can can immediately transform the way a space looks?  Instead of the door being just a background element, it can become a showstopper, like Anita’s home office barn doors!

Cedar Hill Farmhouse Office Interior Doors: From Drab to Dramatic!

{Anita’s office door via Cedar Hill Farmhouse}



An ordinary pantry is transformed into a focal point with the addition of a new, colorful door.


Blue Pantry Door Interior Doors: From Drab to Dramatic!

{via Pinterest}


Doors with personality can change the entire look and feel of an entire wall!

Laundry Nook Doors Interior Doors: From Drab to Dramatic!

{via Sketch42}


Sometimes, it’s just the details that are added to a door that are so unexpected, they make an impact, like the music sheets and theatre billboards added to this kitchen utility door.

Vintage Utility Door Interior Doors: From Drab to Dramatic!


We often stress about what paint color to use on the walls, what material to use for the floors, the color palette of a room, etc. but take our standard doors for granted and accept them as-is.  Thinking out-of-the-box can lead you down a path where a door isn’t just a pass-through from one area to another, but a focal point of the room and a reflection of our style and personality!


Now to convince Hubby…..  :)
Signature Interior Doors: From Drab to Dramatic!





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Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

Today is an exception on the blog, but for good reasons!  I’m taking a bit of a detour from discussing home decor so that I can share with you some exciting news from my hubby.  While I try my best to stick to the subject of home decorating, I sometimes feel it’s necessary to share a bit about what is going on in my personal life because it’s my life that inspires my blog, so one is obviously related to the other.  And I am a person that gets very excited for others when they have good news and always want to help them celebrate their successes, so today is that day because I am so happy for my hubby!


If you’re read some of my previous interviews, you might already know that my husband’s hobby is astrophotography {and tagging along with me to antique faires jokingly wearing my purchases, of course!}.

TidbitsTwine Hubby in Grain Sack Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art


By day, he works for Twitter, so he tweets…a lot!  Truly, I have to be careful what I say because sometimes I catch him tweeting random things I’ve said!  I even now sometimes finish sentences with the phrase, “Don’t tweet that!” just to be sure that my secrets stay secret.  :)

Twitter Pic Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

{A page from my daughter’s Father’s Day book that she made for him  in Kindergarten}


But I digress…By night, he captures amazing astrophotography images – or rather images of deep space.  One of hubby’s astrophotography image tweets recently caught the attention of a jewelry designer who creates jewelry out of space images and a fun new friendship and merging of passions was born!  Melissa from Lost in Space Jewelry reached out to my hubby to see about using some of his images in her jewelry designs.  Melissa is a jewelry designer, who one night during a bout with insomnia, envisioned a necklace design in her head using the Earth and the Moon.  The next day, she turned her vision into a reality and her obsession with all things cosmic was born!  To her, space is the universal language of awe…

As it turns out, not only are my hubby and Melissa both passionate about what they do, they are also neighbors living in the same county.  Melissa used two of hubby’s images – The Horsehead Nebula and the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula -  to create a beautiful, reversible sterling silver bracelet.

Micheals Space Bracelet 2 Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

{via Lost in Space Jewelry on Etsy}


Now I’ll be honest.  Even though hubby talks to me every day about deep space, I am still not up-to-speed about the techniques for capturing images and don’t always understand what the images represent, so here’s what hed had to say:
“Nebulae are regions of active star formation in deep space. Each image is shot over multiple nights and layered together to create one composite image. These Nebula are imaged through telescope using a specialized Astrophotography camera called a CCD. The array of colors found in the images represent the combination of gases found in deep space. So why can’t you see these colors when you look up into the night sky? The light emitted from deep space activates the colorblind rods in our eyes so these objects appear in black and white if you simply view them through a telescope.”

The Hubby Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

{Hubby and his telescope with CCD camera attached}


We live in a tract home in the California Bay Area, so we are surrounded by two-story homes on all sides, and yet, he still manages to capture some amazing images over the course of many hours, sometimes, over the duration of many days.


Horsehead Nebula

“Ever since I was a kid, I have been captivated by the Orion constellation, a group of stars that resembles a Hunter that makes an appearance in the Winter night sky. Easily recognizable by its iconic belt, Orion contained a gem for astrophotographers. Located on Orion’s belt, the Horsehead Nebula is approximately 1500 light years from Earth and the swirling cloud of dark dust and gases is one of the most identifiable nebula. Capturing this Nebula was very special for me as this was my first object that I had shot in color, which made me fall deeper in love with the hobby.”

Michael Morgan HorseheadNebula Ha LRGBv3 Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

{Hubby’s Horsehead Nebula}


Elephants Trunk Nebula

The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula was my first venture into Narrowband astrphotography, which is a technique to illuminate the beautiful gases that lie in deep space. Since seeing the mezmorizing colors of this nebula on the internet, I was eager to capture this object myself. Shooting this nebula taught me a great lesson in that in order to shoot quality images, I would have to shoot objects over multiple nights, resulting in many hours of imaging time. I logged just over 8 hours of time under the stars on this one and have since adopted the ‘quality over quantity’ principle in my astrophotography. Located 2,400 light years from Earth, the Elephant’s Trunk nebula is now thought to be a site of star formation, containing several very young stars.


Michael Morgan Elephant Trunk Nebula Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

{Hubby’s image of The Elephant Trunk Nebula}


Having a hobby that you enjoy and are passionate about is a reward in and of itself, but it’s a bonus when someone else appreciates and enjoys your work.  So today I’m extra thrilled for hubby that a talented jewelry designer used his images to create this bracelet.

Micheals Space Bracelet 3 Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art

{Horsehead and Elephant Trunk Nebulae bracelet from Lost in Space Jewelry}



Here’s to hoping your week is out of this world!  {Sorry, I just couldn’t resist…}  :)
Signature Deep Space Becomes a Wearable Work of Art




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8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}

Sometimes, the kitchen window gets lost among the other showstoppers in a kitchen and becomes and afterthought.  But for many homes, the window is paired with the sink, which means that we spend a lot of time standing there, not only looking at the view outside, but the one inside as well! Taking some time to dress up the kitchen window is a small touch that can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen.  Decorative curtain windows – whether valances, cafe curtains, shades, etc. – are a quick way to add instant color, texture and pattern to a room, but there are other fun ways to add interest, too!

TIDBITS TWINE 8 Ways to Dress Up a Kitchen Window 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}


1. Shelf

When a window doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling, the first thought might be to add a curtain that extends above the window to make the window appear larger,  But if you don’t wan to add a curtain, then what?!  The addition of a shelf provides extra storage and display area.   Also, for those who don’t have a view outside that they want to highlight – or perhaps have one they want to hide – a shelf helps to keep the focus inside.

Shelf and Glass 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}

{via Homedit}



2. Sconces

Sometimes, dressing up the window doesn’t directly involve the window, but rather the window area.  Side sconces add additional light while also adding character and an element of customization to the space.


3. Overhead Lighting

A decorative pendant or unique light fixture can be a beautiful addition to the kitchen.  And for those that have an existing recessed light fixture, you can switch it to a pendant light with a light adapter {like the one below from Ballard Designs} that requires no hard wiring or electrical know-how.

Adjustable Overhead Lights 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}

{via Pinterest}


4. Ribbon

The addition of a beautiful ribbon to an existing shade or blinds is a simple touch that is easy and inexpensive to do and can be changed out according to your mood, decorating style, or season.


5. Wreath

A boxwood wreath adds a pop of color and a touch of nature and is a simple addition to the window!

Kitchen Window Wreath1 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}

{via Indulgy}


8. Awning

This one makes the list since an awning isn’t a traditional curtain window treatment for a kitchen.  This idea is both clever and dramatic!

Kitchen Awning 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}

{via Lisa at Recaptured Charm}


7. Reclaimed Wood

An alternative to a traditional valance or curtain is to use a piece of reclaimed wood stenciled with a message like the one shown below.

Reclaimed Wood and Stencils 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}

{via Mary at At Home on the Bay}


8. Corbels

Decorative corbels add visual interest and character to the space, making a unique statement!  Just like the sconces, the corbels aren’t affixed directly to the window itself, but rather the area surrounding the window.



So what do you think?  Are you more of a traditional kitchen valance person or would you consider one of these alternatives?  Let me know!
Signature 8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}




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Touring Through Blogland

Today is an  exciting day for me because Kathy from Creative Home Expressions invited me to participate in a blog tour. Kathy has been so kind to me on my blog and so I was honored when she asked me to join the tour.  In addition to checking out Kathy’s wonderful blog, be sure to take a peek at her beautiful Etsy shop.  She’s got some beautiful items – I’ve got my eye on the toile Christmas stockings and gorgeous ruffled tea towels!

Okay, so let’s take a little tour!

TIDBITS TWINE Dining Room 4 REV 2 Touring Through Blogland


1. What am I working on?

Right now, I’m working on two long-term projects, one in my living room and one in my master bedroom.  In my living room,  I’m slowly pulling together a new design, which until now, still had mismatched furniture from when I was first married and even my husband’s college coffee table!  I have an overall design plan that I’m working toward, but I’m buying the pieces slowly over time as I find them at a price I can afford.


So far, I’ve updated the mantel decor and purchased chairs for a seating area, but haven’t yet bought the sofa, coffee table, or accessories.  I also purchased a large mirror from Hobby Lobby last week to hang next to the fireplace, but I’m still deciding whether it’s a “keep” or a “return.”

TIDBITS TWINE Lorraine Chair 2 Touring Through Blogland


I’m also working to refinish some antique chairs for my bedroom before I take them to be reupholstered.  I’ve never refinished wood before so it’s a slow process of trial-and-error, but I’m really enjoying the work and finally found a way to achieve the antique look I’m after so now I’m full steam ahead on this project!

Antique Chair 1 TidbitsTwine Touring Through Blogland

The BEFORE.  I have a pair of these antique chairs handed down to us from my husband’s great-grandparents.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well this is a tricky question to answer!  Assuming that my “work” refers to my blog, I think it’s different from others because rather than share my personal projects with my readers, I mostly share decorating ideas and tips so that readers can hopefully take something away from my blog that they can apply to their own homes.  Does that make sense?!?  I write mostly about things like how to mix patterns, ways to style a coffee table, how to pick the perfect paint color, how to use accessories, etc.  I do share my own projects when possible and you’ll notice that my style is a mix of old and new, masculine and feminine; but I’m very slow when it comes to my own projects because I spend the majority of my time writing about general decorating techniques…and playing with my kids.  It is summer, after all!

TIDBITS TWINE Master Bedroom 2014 Touring Through Blogland


3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I started this blog because I wanted to meet others who, like me, love decorating!  And when I say “love” I mean “LOVE” as in constantly moving things around the house to create a fresh, new look; browsing through home decor catalogs and books just for fun; and inevitably missing the plot of Downton Abbey because I’m too busy looking at the furniture or admiring the serving dishes!   I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogging and have been inspired by so many others.  I’ve also found that blogging constantly challenges me to learn and create, so it keeps my mind and my hands busy!

TIDBITS TWINE Guest Bedroom Vintage Trophy with Roses Touring Through Blogland


4. How does your writing/creating process work?

You might be surprised to learn this, but I usually write my posts the night before – sometimes the morning of – the day I publish them.  I can only write when I am truly inspired by a subject, so even though I keep a list of possible post topics handy, I rarely even refer to it.  I most often sit at my kitchen table and wait for inspiration to strike!  Sometimes I’m inspired by a photo on Pinterest, or a project that I’m working on, or maybe an item I came across in a catalog.  Either way, I have to be inspired by the topic in order to write about it so for me, everything is done last-minute!

TIDBITS TWINE Kitchen 3 2014 REV Touring Through Blogland


Now I want to introduce you next week’s participant, Jen of Three Dog Farmhouse!  Here’s a bit about Jen:

I’m a country girl who loves DIY projects (even better if I can get away with doing it cheap), my 3 dogs (2 chihuahuas & 1 whippet/pit bull mix) & my amazing husband.  I love to decorate, garden, & tell dog stories.

Jen is super sweet and talented so be sure to visit her next week to continue the Tour Through Blogland!


Signature Touring Through Blogland




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