Mix It Up: Metal Finishes

More and more I find myself drawn to rooms that use a mix of metal finishes.  Not only do mixed metals add interest and dimension, they help keep a space from feeling like it was just purchased from the showroom floor  – it’s a collected look!  Plus, mixing your metal finishes can be more economical during a renovation or update.  If you’re willing to mix your metals, you can update a light fixture, for example, without feeling like you need to replace all of the other finishes in the room, too.

While mixing metals used to be a faux pas or no-no in design, this is no longer the case in home decorating.  Just as in fashion, it is now trendy to use whatever pieces appeal to you without worrying about whether they are all the same finish.  What could be better than decorating with all the things you love without having to worry about whether they match?  And really, it’s not about making sure that items match, it’s more about making sure that they go together even if they are a mix of styles and finishes.  So here are a few tips for mixing metal finishes to create a collected look.


Tips for Mixing Metal Finishes

One easy way to mix metals successfully is to stick with finishes that are all within either warm tones or within cool tones.  Oil rubbed bronze, gold, copper, and antique brass, for example, mix easily because they are all warm tones.  Similarly, nickel, steel, and black iron blend seamlessly in the cool tone family.

Here, a mix of bronze and gold tie in with the warm color palette used in the room.  Below, a bronze chandelier ties in with the darker wood used throughout the room and maintains the warmth brought in by the gold.



Of course, it is also perfectly okay to mix warm and cool metals!  If you want to mix metals across tones, just be sure that you’ve include other mixed elements in the room so that the variety in metals blends in with the variety of other textures and finishes in the room.

Transitional Mixed Metal Living Room Mix It Up: Metal Finishes

{via Lonny}

Mixed Metal Dining Mix It Up: Metal Finishes


Mixed Metal Coffe Table Styling Mix It Up: Metal Finishes




Lastly, when choosing metals, be sure to take into account how they look with the other colors in the room.  For example, you can use metals to warm up or cool down a space.  In both examples below, the gold accents help to warm up the otherwise cool palette and keep the space from appearing cold or sterile.



I curated some of my favorite mixed metal accents to show how fun they can be when put together!




The nice thing about mixing metals is that it gives you freedom to choose things you really love, without having to worry about whether they “match.”  So mix it up and have fun!
Signature Mix It Up: Metal Finishes





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Elements of a Cozy Home

This time of year, as the weather changes, our homes begin to change, too.  Lightweight summer bedding is replaced with warmer blankets.  The air conditioner goes off and the fireplace comes on.  Slippers or thick socks become a household necessity and we spend more time indoors.  But above all, we strive to be….cozy.  Cozy isn’t a look, it’s a feeling – a feeling of warmth and comfort and there are several ways that you can create this feeling in your home.


TIDBITS TWINE 6 Elements of a Cozy Home Elements of a Cozy Home


1.  Surround Yourself With Things {and people} You Love

The most obvious way of being comfortable in your own home is to surround yourself with people you love and enjoy spending time with.  That aside, it’s also important to only buy items that you truly love and have a connection with.

Decorating Rule Elements of a Cozy Home


It’s not about surrounding yourself with “stuff”, it’s about using things to make your home a reflection of you and your family.


2. Add Textures

Heavier weight textures in soft materials are a great addition to making a space feel cozy.  Woven baskets, wood accents, and even chunky cable knit pillows help to add Fall texture and create a sense of coziness.  {For more information about Decorating with Texture, read this post.}

Pottery Barn Living Room Elements of a Cozy Home

Pottery Barn Cable Knit PIllow Elements of a Cozy Home

{I love the sense of warmth that chunky cable knit pillows add to a sofa. Source here}



3. Include A Great Throw

Physically surrounding yourself with something cozy can instantly change the way you feel.  A great throw that is easily accessible so that you can curl up on the sofa with a good book or a movie is a must!  Cashmere feels luxurious, but the price is often a deterrent to purchase.  Other cozy options include faux fur or a soft plush, like Minky.  A great throw is cozy when wrapped around you, but also helps to add texture to the space even when not in use.

Cozy Throw Elements of a Cozy Home

{Isn’t this a cute idea? Via While Wearing Heels}


4. Use Mood Lighting

Having the right lighting is key year-round, but it is especially important if you want to create a cozy feeling in your home.  Turn off the overhead lights and instead use table lamps, task lighting, or even floor lamps.  The light from these types of lamps help to create shadows in a room, which adds texture and a sense of warmth.

Cozy Sofa1 Elements of a Cozy Home



5. Include the Flicker of a Flame

Don’t underestimate the importance of a flame when it comes to creating a cozy space.  The flicker of a flame is mesmerizing and relaxing.  If you have a fireplace, building a fire is a great way to generate warmth and creating a relaxing environment, but even if you don’t have a fireplace, consider lighting a few candles so that the flicker of the flames bounces off the walls.

Cozy Candles Elements of a Cozy Home

{via Lindevegen}


6. Add a Familiar Scent

Isn’t it funny the way scent is connected to memory?  Certain scents immediately trigger memories of childhood, holidays, and happy times, so consider changing up the scent in your home to help trigger a cozy memory.  Apple spice, pumpkin pie and many other fall scents are great options!

Pumpkin Candle Elements of a Cozy Home

{I am currently obsessed with my Anthropologie candle and recently discovered their French dessert line of candles}



What’s your favorite go-to way to make your home feel cozy?
Signature Elements of a Cozy Home



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Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler

I am really excited to share today’s designer with you because I’ve long admired her work and I find her story and passion so inspiring.  I think you will, too!

TIDBITS TWINE Designer Spotlight Annie Brahler Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler

“Be authentic in everything you do, don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Find your passion and go for it.”


There’s a very good reason why Annie Brahler’s designs look so inviting and so real and that’s because they are!  She has a love of authentic materials that provide character and a sense of history to a room and freely mixes old and new to create a unique look.  As the daughter of Dutch immigrants, she inherited their lifestyle aesthetic of using things in the moment, not saving your “best” things for a special occasion.  So she uses silver as everyday decor and fine china on the table and if it gets a scratch it’s okay!  That scratch just becomes a part of the piece’s history and adds to its authenticity.

Annie Brahler Home Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler



Annie and her family live in Jacksonville, Illinois’ iconic William Howard Thompson house built in 1868 and renovated in 1901.  While not a classically trained interior designer, her skill and passion are obvious in every space she touches.  Her designs reflect opulence with a lack of pretense.

Annie Brahler Living Room Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler


Annie Brahler Dining Room Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler



Annie shuns reproductions {because of their lack of authenticity} and so shops barns sales throughout Europe, primarily in France, Holland, and Belgium.  She imports her vintage finds for her company, Euro Trash.  Don’t let the name fool you – the items imported by Euro Trash are anything but “trash.”  While the objects may not be pedigreed antiques, they have been carefully chosen for their shapes, textures, authenticity, and of course, for their beauty.


“If you really  love something, let it be a part of your persona. Let the world see you.”



Chandeliers are a favorite of Annie’s and she uses them in abundance in her own home.

Annie Brahler Staircase Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler


hbx black leather sofa in living room with antiques jSOzS3 xln Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler



Her kitchen designs are breathtaking and provide a luxurious feel in a functional space.  She creates a space where a bronze chandelier from Holland and the worn upholstery from an 18th-century French armchair mix freely and comfortably.

Annie Brahler Kitchen Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler



And who says a garage workbench can’t become a functional kitchen island?!

Annie Brahler Kitchen Island Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler



I truly admire Annie’s work and would surely love to sit and learn from Annie in this beautiful spot, wouldn’t you?

Annie Brahler Outdoor Seating Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler




Have a wonderful weekend!
Signature Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler




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